Club Projects Grant making Guidelines

Adopted 2014

Club Project Committee Approval Sept. 4, 2014



Chartered in 1914, the Rotary Club of Chattanooga (the “Club”) was the 103rd Rotary Club founded in the world and is today the world’s 21st largest Rotary Club. Rotarians worldwide are committed to “service above self”.



From the voluntary contributions of club members to its club projects fund, the Club is able to serve others through its annual grantmaking program.


Programs Eligible to Receive Support from the Rotary Club of Chattanooga

  • Projects and programs in the Chattanooga area being conducted by 501(c)(3) public charities, local public schools, and faith-based organizations for secular activities.
  • Rotary programs eligible for matching grants from the Rotary Foundation, the District or other Rotary Clubs


Values / Philosophical Guidelines

  • The Club believes prevention is more effective and economical than remediation
  • The Club believes the only way to bring about lasting change is by addressing root causes rather than symptoms
  • The Club believes access to a good education is the best opportunity for economic self-sufficiency and productivity
  • The Club believes all children deserve a caring adult in their lives
  • The Club believes in the importance of good health, healthy lifestyles and access to health care
  • The Club values the development of community and civic pride
  • The Club values diversity and community collaboration and cooperation
  • The Club values access to opportunity to enable individuals in need to become self-reliant.


Funding Priorities

The Club will give priority to projects based on

  • Overall benefit to the community
  • Number of persons positively impacted
  • Involvement of members of the Club in the project
  • Alignment with the priorities of Rotary International


Grants are generally not available for the following:

  • Grants to individuals; however, the Club may make grants to organizations which make grants to individuals for the intended charitable purpose
  • Political campaigns or promotion of candidates for public office
  • Lobbying or influencing legislation
  • Advancement of capital or endowment campaigns (excepting internal Rotary funds)
  • Independent Schools
  • Event sponsorships or tickets to charitable events
  • Travel or trip expenses
  • General operating costs or agency administrative costs
  • Redistribution to other organizations
  • Programs where participation in religious activities or membership in a specific religious group is a condition for receiving benefits of the agency or program.


Size of Grants

The Club suggests a minimum grant request of $3000. While smaller grants may be made, the Club’s goal is to make fewer but larger grants that may positively impact the cause.


Use of funds:

Funds must be used to carry out the program effort or initiative in the grant proposal. If the project is cancelled or delayed beyond the time designated in the application or one year from the award of the grant, all funds shall be returned to the Club.


Grant Terms:

The Club grants are typically for one year. Multi-year grants may be considered but will be the exception. No grant shall be made to a single recipient for more than two consecutive years and no applicant may make more than one application in a single year


Invitation to Apply           

The Club does not accept unsolicited grant requests. The Club will consider only grant requests that are brought by and have the endorsement of one or more Club members having personal knowledge about the program of a potential grant applicant. Any such letter of endorsement should be accompanied by a brief description of the project. After reviewing the endorsement from the Rotary Club member, the Club will notify the potential grant applicant whether it will be invited to apply. Such invitation to apply does not imply a decision to fund the project. Participation in the application process will include the completion of an application outlining the proposed project in detail and participation in a site visit conducted by one or more members of the Club’s Club Projects Committee.



The general timeline for the Club grant making process is

  • July 1 through October 31 - receive letters of endorsement
  • November – extend application invitations
  • November through December 15 – receive completed applications
  • December 15 through February – conduct site visits, evaluate grant applicants
  • Prior to January 31 – submit application to District for matching funds, if applicable
  • March through June 1 - awards made to grant recipients




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