Miracle Field

What great progress is being made at the MIRACLE FIELD!!
Check out the pictures
in knowing children will be playing on this field in the fall.......
Playground & Sidewalks

With cooperation from the weather, work at the Miracle Field complex is moving along on schedule. The concrete work is mostly finished, the asphalt topping for the baseball and multipurpose fields is completed, and the construction team has started placing the laminated beams. Speaking of the beams, there are 46 total that will require 650 bolts to secure them in place at the top of the steel columns. The longest beam is 52' and weighs 2700 pounds. Please keep the crew in mind as they complete this task!

In addition to the work at the baseball field, Playcore's team has started preparation for the installation of the playground equipment. That work should be complete in about three weeks. 

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to make this Miracle a reality!!

Progress as of 8-15-17 ----WOW!! Look at the FIELD!!
Progress as of 7-28-17
Progress as of 7-18-17:
Stay tuned more to come.................
First pour on the Pavilion Slab 6/27/17
  Check out the progress.....
                     Stay tuned more to come.................


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